Twitter and Time Management: Best Strategies and Tools

Social media pundits advise every business to promote their brand on Twitter primarily due to the sheer number and influence of it’s users.Twitter marketing although immensely powerful is also time consuming and if you are not careful, you could spend hours daily, trying to keep up with twitter conversations and power users.

According to social media expert Shama Kabani, “Effective marketing on Twitter takes time and patience. But it also takes more than just selling or pushing your message. The key to success lies in constantly engaging and interacting with your customers.”

So how do you effectively reach your target audience, know who is talking about your brand and know when is the best time to catch the maximum number of your followers without spending the whole day on Twitter? The secret lies in these strategies and time management tools outlined below.

Best Strategies for Time Management

  1. Schedule a percentage of your tweets. Although, Twitter interactions and conversations are essentially what make Twitter powerful, a certain percent of your tweets such as advertising your brand and links to your blog, can be fed into tools like Hootsuite days or even weeks in advance.
  2. Follow other people’s lists. If an influential blogger in your niche has created the list, you will most certainly be able to follow all the important tweeps of your industry in one list.
  3. Create microlists so that it’s easy to follow a section or niche. For example you could make a separate list for social media marketers, bloggers, journalists and writers.
  4. Search for keywords and hashtags with Twitter search or Hootsuite. Hashtags allow you to quickly scan relevant info and tweet to your followers.

Best Time Management Tools

Hootsuite is an excellent time management tool. Hootsuite allows you to:

  • schedule tweets
  • keep up with multiple streams on one dashboard
  • manage multiple social profiles
  • track brand mentions
  • analyze social media traffic
  • monitor keywords and hashtags
  • Hootsuite

    The Hootsuite dashboard allows you to see a quick overview of all your twitter activity (as well as other social media activity) including your twitter stream, your interactions, brand mentions and direct messages. You can also compose and schedule your tweets days in advance.

    Expert Hootsuite users set up several searches for their keywords with effective use of hashtags to monitor relevant conversations. For example, if you are a small business consultant and you want to reach out to people who need help, you can put in a search for certain phrases such as ”need help with” “small business” or “small busiess advice.”

    #2. News Aggregators such as Summify

    Sometimes the best way to quickly glean the key points and important news is to use a news aggregator tool such as Summify. You get a periodic summary of news articles from your social networks based on relevance and importance.

    Summify helps you quickly filter through your endless twitter stream to find content that is relevant and valuable to share with your followers.

    #3. Best Time to Tweet Tool such as Tweriod

    Tweriod analyses your tweets and those of your followers to give you the best time to tweet depending upon the time when the maximum number of your followers are online. Tweriod shows you the number of followers on Twitter per hour, on weekdays and on weekends.

    #4. URL shorteners such as allows you to quickly track the metrics and reach of a tweet. It’s a major time saver as you can see several statistics at one time. In addition to seeing which post got the most link love you can also see tons of other interesting statistics which will help in your future content strategy:

    • Referring sites and clicks for your URL
    • Referring sites and clicks for all users that shortened the same target URL
    • Time-based runchart for clicks
    • Pie chart showing clicks by country
    • Twitter conversations with the target URL
    • A list of users that also shortened the URL

    #5. Chat Tools such as Tweetchat

    Twitter chats are one of my favorite ways of interacting with people and keeping up with other bloggers and social media enthusiasts. The conversations usually fly by really quickly and it’s a big help to use Tweetchat. TweetChat will automatically add your chat hashtag to each of your tweets, so you don’t need to remember to do so each time. It aggregates all of the other Tweets in the chat and allows you to follow the stream as it auto updates. Tweetchat allows you to control the speed at which the tweets show up and the smart pausing feature allows you to scroll down and reply to the right person.

    Some other time savers include:

    • Tweetstats shows you your tweet cloud and your follower stats and
    • Manageflitter shows you which of your followers are inactive so that you can flush them out. It also has a number of other interesting stats such as the most talkative tweeps, followers you are not following, number of people you are following who are not following back.

    According to Wikipedia, “Twitter’s ecosystem of applications and clients crossed one million registered applications in 2011.”

    In conclusion, it is also a waste of valuable time to use too many tools and so the best strategy would also be to focus on the 2 or 3 important tools that work for you.

    What strategies and tools are you using to efficiently manage your time on Twitter? Please share your ideas in the comments below. If you like this article, please share it generously on all your social networks.


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    Hi Sister :),
    I like how you detailed everything here. Since I started using twitter for my online marketing I have found it very useful and it still remains as my main source of traffic.

    I am using some of tools you mentioned here but one thing I like to do is to stick with the once that were actually useful to me.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • says

      Thanks Valentine. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m sure that you must be receiving lots of traffic with twitter since your business is twitter based. I will actually do a separate article just on how much your app. has helped me to spread the word around about my blog. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. says

    Hi Gazalla,

    great article, thank you!
    I love to see your mention of HootSuite, it is in fact one of the biggest time savers I’m using. You have so many possibilities to enhance your twitter experience like no other tool. You don’t even need to create a list (I remember you have only 20?) if you want to follow up on some users, just create a stream.

    Haven’t used Summify in the past, guess it is on time to take a look at it, thanks for the hint 😉

    Nick Rock recently posted..Twitter: Best way to follow up on your A-ListMy Profile

    • says

      Hootsuite is my favorite app as well. In fact, you are right – If you need just one app. to streamline your time on twitter, I would say go with Hootsuite. I really appreciate your feedback.

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    Another great post, Gazalla. Seems like people and businesses are needing more and more of these tools to help manage the ever-increasing information overload that stems from being active online.
    I actually wrote a post on this a few weeks ago (in French, however) and it was one of my most read ever. You nailed many similar tools, but I must admit I had not thought of Tweriod and perhaps am not using it as I should. There’s my to-do for this week… 😉

    • says

      I must try and read your article Frederic. It will be a good practice session for my French skills. Malheureusement, J’ai oublie beaucoup:) I will even comment in French.
      I’m glad that I could add to your to-do list. Tweriod makes sense because it’s best to be on Twitter when you can have the most interaction and engagement.

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    I use tweriod to post my tweets for the best time I have not tried Hootsuite after reading this review I would like to give a try, thanks for updating here…

    • says

      Oh, you are welcome, Steve. Hope Tweriod works out well for you. I know there are too many tools and not enough time – hence the title for this post.