Twitter Analytics: 3 Tools that Track and Measure Your Success

Every business should be tapping into Twitter’s enormous potential for increasing brand authority and gaining qualified leads, especially of people with a need for your product or service.
There are currently more than 1 million Twitter apps and using the right ones will increase your chances of success with this unique social network. There are Twitter tools that help promote your blog, other tools that manage your time on Twitter and of-course tools for measurement and metrics.You can track, monitor and measure your progress with several tools such as Twitter Counter and Twitonomy. Here are 3 of my favorite Twitter tools:

#1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics – A look at the Followers tab in the Analytics menu

Twitter recently rolled out its native Analytics tool. It’s better than any third party twitter tool as Twitter has unlimited access to its own data. It’s also free for anyone with a Twitter account.

Here are some neat elements of Twitter Analytics:

  • You can buy ads on Twitter and analyze these ads to see what’s working. You will get a report on metrics such as impressions, engagements, follows and eCPE metric (effective cost per engagement). It also has reports on device targeting, location, interest and gender targeting.
  • The lead generation cards tab allows you to create lead generation cards. Lead generation cards automatically capture the user’s name, username, and email address and lets them send this to you with one click.
  • The Twitter followers tab has a neat graph that shows you your follower growth and even shows you the percentage of people following you for various interests such as the percentage of people following you for content marketing, SEO etc.
  • It also gives you access to some other nice metrics such as top cities of your followers and follower gender. It was interesting for me to note that 70% of my followers were male and only 30% were female!
  • The timeline activity sorts your tweets according to most popular, best tweets and good tweets. Your most popular and best tweets are judged by the amount of favorites, retweets and replies a tweet receives. This info is very useful for crafting future tweets as you know what’s working and driving engagement instantly by looking at this metric.
  • The timeline activity shows you with the help of a graph, the amount of mentions, follows and unfollows you received in the past week. If you received a lot of unfollows a certain day, for example, you can go back and examine what you did on that day.

#2. Followerwonk

Followerwonk comparing the social reach of 3 twitter handles

Followerwonk comes as a free and paid solution. Fortunately, I have access to the paid version since I pay for Moz Pro and Followerwonk comes standard with Moz Pro.
Here are some of the features that are useful in Followerwonk:

Followerwonk does a deep analysis of followers and also of users you follow including:

  • Their location
  • The best hours to get them on Twitter
  • Their social authority scores. This is useful to know because you can easily know who your top influencers are.
  • Their gender
  • Their follower counts. Again this info is useful because if they regularly retweet you, you know based on their follower size how much of a reach your tweet will have.
  • Track changes in followers – how many lost or gained – I was relieved to find that out of 90 days, I gained followers for 60 days and only lost followers on 25 days. There were 10 days with no change.
  • Want to see who your top influencers are? The sort followers option allows you to sort followers according to a number of criteria such as their social authority score, number of followers, number following, number of tweets or number of days online.
  • Want to know how you stack up to competitors? The Compare Users tab allows you to compare 3 twitter handles. You get all kinds of stats including their social authority, number of followers, number of tweets and number of people that they follow together.

    A look at’s dashboard calls itself a community management tool for twitter. I love this Twitter tool and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their engagement on Twitter. has a paid version as well which I haven’t tried but I’m happy with all the insights I get with the free version.

    • I look at the Relationships tab to tell me who are my high value members based on criteria such as:
      • my influencers
      • my most engaged members
      • my supporters
    • The Followers tab gives you a list of people to engage with, consider to follow or unfollow. It also gives you a list of new followers and unfollowers.
    • The Monitor engagement tab allows you to monitor mentions and tweets around specific search terms.
    • The Leads tab finds you new leads to follow based on their keywords and search terms.

    These are my favorite Twitter tools to monitor engagement and help me increase my reach on Twitter. What are some of yours? Please share with me in the comments below. Thanks. Also, my twitter handle is @Gazalla

  • Comments

    1. Frederic Gonzalo says

      There are over 1 million Twitter tools?? That stat blows my mind… I was not familiar with Followerwonk so I shall try it out. Have you tried the new Topsy feature? The tool can now go back in time and access ALL of your tweets from the past, as they recently struck a deal with Twitter. This should also be interesting…

      • says

        Yes, I really like Followerwonk. I’ve registered for the new feature on Topsy but haven’t tried it as yet. I also like to use Topsy to find out what’s trending on Twitter.

    2. Adi Gaskell says

      Fascinating stuff. It’s amazing how many tools get created when you have an open architecture for people to plug into. Really helps innovation to thrive. Of course, with so many out there, you need posts like this to sort the wheat from the chaff.

      • says

        Thank you. I also like Twitter Counter and Twitonomy. Tweetstats used to be good too, but of late it takes too much time to load and doesn’t give you the rich info that these other tools do.

    3. Pat says

      Twitter Self-Service Analytics and Advertising is only available in the US… hope they will get this fixed before their going public!